That time we bought a plane…

It isn’t every day you leave to pick up your first plane… Honestly, I don’t think either of us can believe it is happening. With Seth back in town from his gallivanting in the Caribbean, and with two very experienced pilots to whom we already owe a lot (but who still seem to make some free time for us), we hit strip about 2pm.

(If you’re the TLDR type, video is at the end)


Stanley (our primary instructor) took the opportunity to get some hood time on the way down to Davidson County Airport (KEXX). No, this does not mean he rap-battled with ATC while buzzing the Red Hat building downtown (which DEFINITELY did not happen), just in case you were wondering.


Curt did Stanley a solid and dealt with the two of us…


Also, just in case you were wondering, Cessna 182s have a ton of room and are really comfortable. Much like the Cessna 150 we’re flying to pick up, assuming you are an ant.

It was really cool to watch the two of them work. Without using visual cues, Stanley was able to fly the plane right up to KEXX, only taking his hood off when he was a couple/few hundred feet above ground. The landing was smooth, and we were immediately able to spot our plane.


As an aside, the former owner of N63472 is kind of awesome. Incredibly nice, really interested in making sure everything goes off smoothly. Even on a REALLY cold and windy day, both he and his wife stopped by the airport to see us off. There is always the fear of getting the run-around from a seller. Ours has truly been a class act.

Oh, and also, Superior Aero Services have been fantastic through the entire process. On several occasions, they have gone above and beyond. Their shop manager even came in on a Saturday to make sure we were able to get going. I can’t say enough for how well we were treated.


After a thorough pre-flight and self-service fill-up, Seth hopped in the 150 with Curt to bring her home. I climbed back in the 182 with Stanley. Time for the race… (spoiler alert, I won).


Our trip back was… well gorgeous. The sunset was stunning, company was great, and we had the pleasure of spending it up in the air.


Both birds made it home safely, though it was getting late in the evening. Seth and I staked our own tiedowns in the dark, and ended up going back the next day for some clean up and to put on the covers.

And then… there was Day 1 of instruction. Have you ever hand-propped a plane or flown without cabin electrics? It very well may be the case that we have. We’ll have to catch you up.

Special thank you to Curt, who helped capture a number of the pictures used for this post.

One thought on “That time we bought a plane…

  1. If you dream of flying, it means you feel free and have escaped the pressures of the real world. This must be true for you because your words are filled with such excitement and joy. We are all so incredibly happy for you. Fly high, Bud. Let your spirit soar.

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