First Solo!

It finally happened. On Thursday, after a successful lesson, Stanley had  us taxi off to the side, where we completed some paperwork and then we both got back in the plane… Wait, let me try that again. We completed some paperwork and then I GOT IN THE PLANE BY MYSELF. Yup, you heard read right. […]

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Welp, the boys of mild ridiculousness are back at it. We planned to meet promptly at 8ish with Seth taking the first training shift. I was to take time to review for ground-school, as there has been an unfortunate gap since my last training session. Everything went according to plan. Seth arrived a bit after […]

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Homeward Bound

We’re back at it! We got the news Monday evening that our little bird was ready to be picked up. In true form, Seth was on it. Plans were rearranged, our CFI was begged for help, and our meet-up time was chosen. 5:40pm. We met up close to 6. Typical. But we were off! The […]

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This Whole “Flying” Thing…

Our stories of why we became interested in aviation are probably not very unlike many of the pilots out there today. For me, as a kid, I enjoyed flight simulators and always looked up eagerly at the sound of an aircraft engine, which would sometimes just end up being my neighbor’s lawnmower. I enjoyed the […]

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Ice Ice Baby

FINALLY… The crazy 7+ inches of snow is mostly gone and we are able to get back out to the plane. Which is a good thing – she needs some electrical work done. What’s not a good thing? Ice. Ice on the wings is bad news bears. Like, this ice is worse than the vanilla […]

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Keeping it cool

Well it is official. On a 19*F January day, we formally kick off our flight training. The plan is fairly simple. Schedule 3 days a week knowing the weather will hate us sometimes, and then time it so that one of us has a lesson in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Tada! […]

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