Keeping it cool

Well it is official. On a 19*F January day, we formally kick off our flight training. The plan is fairly simple. Schedule 3 days a week knowing the weather will hate us sometimes, and then time it so that one of us has a lesson in the morning and the other in the afternoon. Tada! […]

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That time we bought a plane…

It isn’t every day you leave to pick up your first plane… Honestly, I don’t think either of us can believe it is happening. With Seth back in town from his gallivanting in the Caribbean, and with two very experienced pilots to whom we already owe a lot (but who still seem to make some […]

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Looking at a plane

You spend any amount of time looking in to flying and you’ll encounter a question as contested as Av-gas vs. Mo-gas: Should you buy a plane? The answer lies in spreadsheets, and then more spreadsheets, and then your mate reorganizing your spreadsheets because the layout drives him nuts. Of course, the ‘right’ answer is: It […]

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