It has been a while friends

Hello world!

It is hard to believe we haven’t posted anything for over a year! Although we have been remiss in sharing our journey of aviation here, we have not dropped the ball in creating stories. This past year has been busy, and we need to fill you in.

But today is not that day. Today, you are in for something special.

See, one of the things that has changed since we last wrote is that N63472 has found a new home. And in all honesty, we could not be happier. We loved that plane, but Red Stripes’ new owner is one for the ages, a true legend.

So what are we flying now you might ask? Well, this:


Our sky scooter rolled off the factory floor in 1964 as a BE33 Beechcraft Debonair. We’ve had the privaledge of flying this beauty for over a year now, surviving our first annual, trips to Oshkosh, the beach, grass strips, Alabama, New Orleans, Florida, and enough jaunts to Pick n’ Pig to affect our weight and balance calculations…

But the BBQ is worth the performance hit.

Anyway, as it has been over a year since we last shared a story here, we thought we’d do a little something extra. Our buddy Zack drives a Twin Camanche, and agreed to humor us with some air-to-air work.

We are blown away by the results.

Additionally, we filmed the whole thing. And also additionally, we are wanting to do more of this.

So sit back, enjoy, and if you like what you see then please do let us know.

Finally, an extra special thank you to Sara who played a huge role in capturing the photos for this story, as well as Zack and Seth for the outstanding flying.



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