The DeLorean of the sky

That’s right folks, in this edition of “How can we not be at home” we’re going back in time!… Well, sort of anyway.

For Labor Day this year the four of us piled in to our sky bucket and bopped over to Williamsburg VA for a little bit of living history. This was a special one for Amanda, as Colonial Williamsburg has been on her list to visit for a long time.

Williamsburg-Jamestown Airport (KJGG) is only 8 minutes or so from the settlement, assuming your uber driver isn’t prone to stoking arguments while missing one of the few turns along the way. You can see how badly Seth and I lost…


If you are making this trip and you are a student or teacher, make sure you bring identification. The discount is pretty substantial. As for attractions, we managed to visit the Randolph House, Capitol, Public Hospital, and a presentation on the life of Women. We really enjoyed each of these, but encountered a hitch in our schedule: we had to wait for nearly 2 hours at Chownings Tavern to get food… Oh yes, and we were hungry at the start, so I’m sure you can imagine how well that went over. On balance, the food was pretty good, but the wait meant we missed out on a few sites.

Overall, the village does a great job bringing history to life. Each of the guides we had were engaging and knowledgeable, regularly venturing from the general script to cover questions or interests of the group. If you do make the trip, it is worth spending a full day in the village, ensuring you catch the Fifes and Drums march and cannon fire in the evening. If you are spending the night, the ghost tour is also worth it from what I have heard.

For us though, we had a sunset to catch.


The trip itself is really straight forward. In the Deb it is under an hour, and there really isn’t any airspace to worry about if you are approaching from the south. Pay attention to traffic patterns, and enjoy your departure view of the James River when you leave.


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